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For YEARS R&B singer Ashanti has been BEGGING her longtime rapper boyfriend NELLY to claim her . . . and a few months ago – he FINALLY DID!!!

Nelly and Ashanti were beginning to come OUT IN THE OPEN about their love. And according to a person closee to Nelly . . . the rapper was preparing to PROPOSE to Ashanti THIS SPRING.

But that ain’t happening now. Nelly is accusing Ashanti of CHEATING ON HIM with her producer, Chink Santana.

The insider explained, “Ashanti and [Chink] spent a lot of time together [in the studio]. Nelly asked her point blank if they were [having relations] Ashanti said no. But turns out she wasn’t being truthful.”

Nelly has COMPLETELY cut Ashanti off . . . and is NO LONGER considering marrying her.

Now we’re using the term “ALLEGEDY” here because we can’t say for certain that Ashanti was f*cking dude – that’s just NELLY’s side of things. Below is the pic of Ashanti’s side piece Chink Santana.



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