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ET correspondent Rocsi Diaz was working the red carpet yesterday at the 2013 Billboard Music awards in Vegas when she was in the middle of interviewing Miley Cyrus and suddenly fainted!

EMT was called over to the seen and were at her aid, tv correspondent Shaun Robinson also rushed to her side.

It seems like the petite correspondent had a lot on on her plate on top of the humid weather in Vegas which caused her to become dehydrated.

Rocsi Tells source:

“I’m really thankful for everyone that dropped everything to help me yesterday. Shaun Robinson actually left her position on the carpet to run to my side, thanks for being there, girl! I also apologize for cutting Miley’s interview short, she must have been so confused, but I didn’t want to faint on her!”

Rocsi is back to work today and we are glad that she is okay!



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