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Let’s talk about sex!

That was clearly the primary topic of conversation when Nick Cannon stopped by to chat with radio personality Big Boy on Power 106 .

For instance, Cannon was asked how old he was when he lost his virginity, to which he replied, “13…I cried. It was a traumatic experience.”

But the discussion really got going when Big Boy inquired, “How many famous women has Nick Cannon been with?”

“That’s a lot!” exclaimed Cannon. “This is L.A.”

 NIck and his wife Mariah Carey

After being told to just name five, Cannon proceeded to reveal that he has had sex with Mariah Carey (duh!), Christina MilianNicole ScherzingerSelita Ebanks and Kim Kardashian.



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Christiana Milian


Kim Kardashian



Nicole Scherzinger


Nicole Scherzinger



The Real Love of His Life… Selita Ebanks


Speaking of Cannon’s wife, Cannon offered up even more TMI when he shared that the couple actually held off on doing the deed until exchanging vows.

“On our wedding night, honeymoon-style, house in the Bahamas,” he told a shocked Big Boy, adding, “That’s a wonderful thing. That’s a real woman right there to make you wait until you get married.”

The Drumline actor also proposed to the Victoria Secret Model, Selita Ebanks in the middle times square back in 2007, with the help of a jumbotron. 


Selita Ebanks


According to The actor got on one knee with a 12-carat diamond ring immediately after they left the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Gala, when they were chauffeured in a Rolls Royce to Times Square, according to the rep. Projected on a giant MTV jumbotron were the words, “Selita will you marry me?”  Prior to that Cannon, 26 (at the time) gushed to PEOPLE about his romance with Ebanks, 24, (at the time) calling her “amazing.” “She changed me – I’m no longer a player. She changed everything.”  


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ps.   so there you have it!  Selita is the woman that Nick Cannon fell in love with and changed him from being a player!  Sorry Mariah.. it wasnt you.. :-(

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