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Last Week…Shots rang out at 1OAK nightclub in West Hollywood at around 1:30 AM Sunday … and Suge Knight was shot twice and taken to the hospital by ambulance where he was rushed into surgery … eyewitnesses and Suge’s family tell TMZ.

A source close to Suge tells us … he was shot in the stomach and arm and apparently in other places as well.

Tyson Beckford, Robert Ri’chard and Apple de Ap all tell TMZ … they were inside the pre-VMA party hosted by Chris Brown when they heard 4 shots ring out inside the club. 

Suge walked out on his own power … a cop spotted him and walked the rap mogul to the police car where Suge sat. Suge was then put in an ambulance and taken to a local hospital.

Tyson Beckford, Robert Ri’chard and Apple de Ap all tell TMZ … they were inside the pre-VMA party hosted by Chris Brown when they heard 4 shots ring out inside the club.

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BET Reports: Suge Knight Isn’t Talking to Cops About Shooting

UPDATE: The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has moved Suge Knight‘s shooting investigation to its Homicide Bureau, Billboard reports. The department transfer indicates that the shooting incident is being looked at as an attempted murder.


However, according to Katt Williams, Knight wasn’t the intended target, he was shielding someone else from getting shot. The comedian, who was in the club when the shooting occurred, said that club patrons were “lying on the ground shot” for 20 minutes before police arrived. “If you’re an idiot, you can believe that this was about Suge Knight, but Suge Knight has been accessible every day of his life for 20 years. We know who it was aimed at, we know whose life he saved, and we know why they won’t talk about it,” Williams told TMZ.


He also denied that the shooting was gang related, pointing out that the alleged other side never shot back. “That’s not really how gang stuff works,” he said. 



Suge Knight won’t snitch, even if it means catching the person who shot him six times. 

TMZ reports that the former Death Row Records CEO, and onetime multimillionaire, isn’t talking and therefore won’t help move along his own shooting investigation. Knight was riddled with bullets during a MTV Video Music Awards pre-party hosted by Chris Brown at 1OAK nightclub last weekend. Neither he, nor other witnesses, will reveal information on the shooter. 

Police were turned away from visiting Knight in the hospital more than once, under claims that he was sedated. In reality, Knight is conscious and is purposely being tight-lipped about the incident. When cops asked who shot him, he feigned confusion and replied, “I was shot?”  

The entire shooting was caught on various surveillance cameras inside the club. Reportedly, the gunman’s face can be seen clearly on the footage. Police believe the shooting was gang-related, given Knight’s and Brown’s affiliation with the Bloods.

There are various reasons Knight might not want to talk to police, though. He could be fearful of retaliation, and he also doesn’t have the best relationship with law enforcement. Aside from his numerous arrests, last December LAPD officers pulled guns on Knight after mistaking him for an assault suspect. 



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