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TmZ reports

This is what a two game suspension looks like – Ray Rice delivering a vicious punch to his fiancee’s face, knocking her out cold … and TMZ Sports has the shocking video. 

 We’ve already shown you the aftermath outside the elevator … Rice dragging the unconscious woman on the floor.  But we’ve now obtained video of the punch that put her down, raising the question … What was the NFL thinking when it wrist-slapped Rice with such feeble punishment?


The incident took place Feb. 15th at the Revel Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City — after Ray and then-fiancee (now wife) Janay Palmer got into a heated argument on their way into the elevator. 

Inside the elevator it’s apparent he strikes first … she hits back … and then Rice delivers the knockout blow.


The punch knocks Janay off her feet — and she smashes her head on the elevator hand rail … knocking her out cold. Ray doesn’t seem phased … and when the door opens, he drags her out into the hotel. 


An employee of the hotel  – which just shut down for good – tells TMZ Sports he was working there at the time and says the NFL saw the elevator footage before imposing the 2-game suspension.


 FYI — Ray and Janay got married one month after the attack.  

 UPDATE – The NFL says it did NOT see the newly-released elevator footage before it imposed a 2 game suspension on Rice. 

 This video is a cleaned up version of the raw surveillance elevator video — the raw is jerky … so we smoothed it out

 Although no one knows what occurred prior to entering the building, After careful viewing of the video, Caribbean Wprld Entertainment news notices that Ray Allegedly spits in his girlfriends face as they approached the elevator at 8-9 seconds into the video.  did you see that?  smh.  

 We are all wondering, what is it.. that a woman could do.. to make a man take his hard, strong masculine fist to knock out the woman he claims to love? 





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