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With Ciara carrying around a new 6-month load, it’s hard not to wonder what her performance at next week’s Grammy Awards after party for Degree will be like.

Early this morning, the mommy-to-be was spotted heading out of her hotel after wrapping up her brief promo run in New York City. Yesterday, she stopped by the offices of OK! Magazine to talk about her new pregnancy, as well as her wedding plans.  This is a big year for the couple with a new baby on the way and new albums on the way, as well as trying to plan a wedding in the midst of all of that.

She revealed:

I am so happy. These are really the happiest days of my life. I’m enjoying every minute of what’s going on. I feel like I’m walking into true womanhood. This is really where it begins. I kept thinking years ago, when I was younger, that when I turned 21, 22, 23, that I’m a woman and I’m this and it’s like, ‘no.’ When I look back, I was far from that. I was a young woman, but now I feel like womanhood is officially beginning and I’m so ready for the challenges. [...] I’m just excited about being able to build a family.


She added:

I’m definitely in the process of thinking about things that I want for the wedding. Me and my fiance, we talk over so many ideas and we’re really starting to get there because now we have to think about several things; [the] wedding, baby, albums, and our careers. Everything all in one. But it makes the year so eventful and it makes it something that I’m really looking forward to. So, I’m taking my time. Luckily I have a good amount of time now to get ready and I think we’re probably going to go to the location really soon so I’m excited.

Look at how life can change, all in a blink of the eye!

Exciting year ahead for Cici!

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